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RTX Austin brings thousands of passionate fans together for an unforgettable weekend in Austin, TX. Take advantage of your opportunity to guide them through their journey and be a part of that amazing memory.


Become a Sponsor

What do you call a giant room full of qualified gamers, cosplayers, and entertainment gurus? A niche-targeted sales opportunity. Click below to learn more about sponsoring RTX Austin 2023.


Become a Guardian

The Guardians are the backbone of this fantastical event. Without their support, the convention couldn't be possible. Click the button below if you're interested in joining the Guardian staff for RTX Austin 2023.


Become an Exhibitor

Procure a spot on our show floor and purvey your goods to thousands of gamers, cosplayers, and amped-up denizens of Austin, TX. For more info click below or email


Guardians are chosen Rooster Teeth community members who dedicate their time and skills to help make RTX Austin an amazing experience for everyone. Guardians provide support for attendees, special guests, Rooster Teeth cast/crew, and one another. Guardians represent RTX Austin, Rooster Teeth, and the Rooster Teeth community. The Rooster Teeth community is pretty incredible, and we aim to bring the best (and those aspiring to be the best) community representatives into our Guardian ranks.

Applications to be a Guardian are open!

Click on the button below to apply!

SundayPanel-056July 03, 2022.jpg


RTX Austin is a convention that takes over the entire downtown Austin area, and creates a unique atmosphere for fans of Rooster Teeth, gaming, comedy, and internet culture. Get your business in front of thousands of eager attendees and signage covering downtown Austin. 

Reach out to for more information.

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