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Attractions at RTX

The RTX Campgrounds will be full of awesome things to do, people to see, and experiences to...experience! Sounds about right for a Summer Camp.


Red Web's
Escape Room

Can you escape this timed cryptid encounter?

Task Force. Gather your crew and get ready for this special edition Red Web Escape Room. Whether you’re an experienced escape room geek or hardcore Task Force member, this will be your one-time only chance to escape from Batsquatch in this timed encounter.

Will you escape or will you become guano?

Face Jam's
Rat and Grackle Pub

Intersection of pub and crawl.

Food junkies will get their fill of Michael Jones and Jordan Cwierz at the FaceJam Rat & Grackle pub experience. Whether you’ve got high-standards or no taste at all, this is the place to grease your fast-food loving palate. Heck, you might even meet the Sauce Monkey himself!


F**kface Museum

Look at this pile of shit!

Slide into the past of F**kface as we relive the greatest exploits and stupid realizations from Geoff, Gavin and Andrew. Behold rarities and antiquities that must be seen to be believed! You will stare agape, frozen in awe at the amazing, one-of-a-kind curiosities to have graced the show. Revel in this homage to all things F**kface, from The Tuxedo and Pink PortaPotty, to the big rock from Geoff's backyard! Bring a camera!

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